Read When: People are Claiming Sleep Training is Necessary

We hear it all the time. Claims of “if you don’t sleep train your baby will never sleep”, or “if you don’t teach them to self soothe by x age, they’ll never lean to do it”

However, there’s no evidence to back these claims. In fact the evidence all says the opposite. Why? Because that’s just not how humans work. We aren’t stagnant. A baby who is carried constantly will still learn to walk, a child who isn’t taught sight words at 4 will still learn to read, if you live in a country long enough, you’ll pick up the language even if you didn’t lean it first.

So let’s break this claim down starting with the history of infant sleep - how we came to believe sleep training was required.

From the Developmental Anthropologists

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Research in the Journal of Family Psychology, which videoed both parent interactions and babies sleeping (in 35 families), found that the more responsive parents were with their babies before bedtime, the more they responded to emotional cues and the closer the physical contact they had with them, the better their babies slept.

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In the early days, rocking was part of my daughter's bedtime routine. The routine is different now that she's 8. We read, chat about the day, hold hands and use guided imagery to drift off to sleep. She is always asleep before 8 p.m., and she only wakes up during the night when she's sick. I guess the rocking wasn't so bad, after all.

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