Our Impact

Since The Beyond Sleep Training Project was launched in 2017, we have reached tens of thousands of families and through testimonial after testimonial, we can see how desperately needed our message was in society.

Knowing there are alternative ways to think and manage this time in their lives has offered sweet relief and reassurance to many.

We have also seen a growing confidence and willingness to share this gentler way of being in real life settings and also online.

Parents are empowered to speak up to care providers and those around them and to advocate for their child’s need for nurturing as well as back their decision to care for them in a responsive manner.

We are in the final stages of registering our fledgling charity, Little Sparklers which will take the work that began as a humble project to the next level, and work for change on a large scale and shift the way families are supported at this critical and intense time when their little ones need them so very much.