I joined this group at my wits end with a teething, tired 10-month old and I had spent a couple of hours at the end of the night with her in my bed. I felt so guilty. I didn't want to co-sleep. We'll never grow out of it I thought. Will my husband ever fit in the bed? What if I roll on her?! This group saved my sanity and provided welcome encouragement and support by allowing me to see this is a beautiful time of life – a time to enjoy. It's also helped me relax as I needed others to put her down occasionally and knowing she'll figure it out with them too.

I am so glad I joined this group and am constantly getting ideas and reinforcement. I'm educating my family in the process and they're learning to support this "new" way of life. The best part? My one-year old is grumpy, teething, growing, clingy and not sleeping more than an hour at a time. You think I'd be stressed. But thanks to this group, right now she is sprawled across my chest, arms wrapped around me, boob in mouth, fast asleep... and I couldn't be happier about it!

— Amy Frost, Australia

I love this group so much! Everybody who I'm surrounded by is against my way of parenting and feel that I'm 'spoiling' my son and will soon 'spoil' my daughter when she arrives.

This group has given me so much strength to stand by my maternal instincts and do what's best for my children! The advice, feel good posts and rants have helped me navigate my own journey and I don't know how different things would be if I hadn't come across this at a time where I thought I was doing my son wrong and started looking into sleep training! Please don't change a thing! X

— Shannon McLoughlin, UK

From day one my little sweetie was in pain; she struggled to nurse, struggled to gain weight and struggled to digest what little milk she could transfer. I was told colic, I was told tongue tie... I went to so many specialists and lactation consultants. No one could “fix” us.

I resigned myself to pumping so she could have breast milk, but she still writhed in pain and screamed for hours after each feeding. I never laid her down; I mastered baby wearing, and even pumped 5-8 times a day while wearing or holding her! She needed comfort and I instinctively knew it, despite being told by all professionals she needed to learn to soothe. I worried constantly that I was ‘creating a monster’ or ‘ruining my marriage’ or at the very least that I would never sleep again.

Then I found you.

I learned to embrace the closeness, to cherish listening to her sweet breathing as she slept, however rare. At four months I refused to sleep train, at six months she was diagnosed with allergic Colitis, we got her healthy, and my husband got on board with co-sleeping and sidecar-ed our crib.

Now at nine months, my daughter sleeps seven hour stretches and naps like a champ. It was truly developmental! I faced so much pressure from doctors and society, but each time I wavered I came back to this page and found the affirmation that I was doing the right thing. I’m forever grateful for this community, and love reading the posts- usually in bed, next to my most precious gift.

– Maloree Shockley, USA

So, when my bub was born, I had no idea what I was going to do but was just trying to trust my instincts and work it out as I go. That was great whilst in the fourth trimester, thankfully she was a dream... But once bub turned four months, everything I read said about creating good habits and not doing this and bub should sleep for this long. I have anxiety and it stems from striving to be perfect... So when my baby didn't follow the sleep book rules, I started to panic. She is a classic cat-napper and during the time of 4-5 month sleep regression, she would only sleep 20 minutes if she had the boob and I bounced on a yoga ball. I spent forever in a dark room, bouncing, singing, feeding, trying to get bub to sleep. I felt like I was failing bub, myself and my husband. It was creating a lot of stress in my life and stress in the house as hubby tried to help.

Many Tears.

I knew I couldn't do cry it out (CIO) but what else was there? Then a friend told me about this page... I read about it and then I asked a question. I still remember the first reply being "Oh Mumma" and later telling me "You know you didn't cause this right?". It probably took me a good few weeks to mentally understand and process that this was normal and to lower those ridiculously high expectations I had in myself because of the crap out there I'd read on Google.

She still does 30 minute catnaps (11 monoths) although occasionally sleeps longer, and she still wakes multiple times a night. And while I still get stressed if bub hasn't slept or skips a nap, I didn't even notice the 8-10 month regression. (Admittedly, that could be because we never recovered, but I had 5% of the stress I did compared to 4-5 months) I actually enjoy motherhood now!

If I didn't find this page, I think I would've been an emotional wreck worried I've done it all wrong. I truly know that I wouldn't handle the wake ups as well. I don't find five times or so a night hard anymore. 50% I think because I now know it's normal and okay but the other 50% because I know about bed-sharing, side car crib, boob-sleeping, etc. from this page.

I can happily and confidently follow my instincts. I actually can enjoy motherhood!

I seriously tell everyone about this page. I loove it.

– Bec Anothony