Read When: Someone is Trying to Pressure You Into Sleep Training

As soon as you become a parent (sometimes even before) the ‘friendly’ advice starts rolling in. But what do you do when it’s not friendly OR welcomed AND goes against your parenting philosophy? Read below for tips!

Sleep Training - A Review of the Research (this is actually a list of many articles and books) - Dr Momma

Self Settling - What Really Happens When You Teach A Baby To Self-Soothe - Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Cave Babies and Ruffling Feathers - Tracey Gillert

Screaming to Sleep - The Moral Imperative to end “Cry it Out” (two part series) Amy Wright Glenn

The Con of Controlled Crying - Dr Momma

Babies Not Designed to Sleep Alone Dr Jay Gordon

[Excerpt From] Attachment Parenting: A Practical Approach for the Reduction of Attachment Disorders and the Promotion of Emotionally Secure Children Tami E. Breazeale

Night Waking Protects against SIDS [excerpt from “New Beginnings Vol 16 no 3] Dr Sears

Sleeping With Baby: Breastfeeding, Night Waking & Protection from SIDS Peggy O’Mara Mothering, Issue 141 (on

Tracey Cassels PhD Evolutionary Parenting Has a ridiculous number of articles discussing the science behind attachment, the reasons CIO is harmful and what Normal Infant Sleep looks like. It’s well worth following her.

Proving the Risk of Harm in Early Sleep Training

Controlled Crying, Cortisol, and Attachment: A Critical Look

Stress and Extinction Sleep Training: It’s Not So Simple

New Research: Does Solitary Sleep Increase the Risk for Insecure Attachment?

‘It’s Just a Little Cortisol’: Why Rises in Cortisol Matter to Infant Development

Distress, Self-Soothing, and Extinction Sleep Training

How Effective is Controlled Crying? (Hint: Not Very)

Evolution, Crying, and the Fallacy of a Different Environment

Infant Night Waking as Evolutionary Manipulation?

The Thing About Trauma (And Its Relationship to CIO)

Stress and Synchrony: Implications for Sleep Training

What Children Don’t “Need” Can Still Help Them

Myths and Facts About Night Wakings

Educating the Experts [series -Now an Ebook]

The Myth of Warmth

Reasons Babies Cry and Wake at Night / Reasons Toddlers Toddlers Wake (and Sometimes Cry) At Night

Do No Harm

Normal Infant Sleep [Series] Tracy G. Cassels, Darcia Narvaez, Wendy Middlemiss, John Hoffman, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Helen Stevens

Does a new study really support leaving your child to cry?

Not-So-Blind Review of the Recent CIO Research

Crying-It-Out: An Addendum

What You Need To Know About Crying-It-Out

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