The Beyond Sleep Training Project's Preferred Health Care Providers

Finding a health professional who isn’t going to push you to sleep train, or undermine your breastfeeding, is sadly, extremely difficult. And when you’re in the middle of the storm, you don’t have the time or patience to vet lots of people. Never fear the Admin team are here, with a list of providers who have proven to be trustworthy.

The following people and organisations have our support and we strongly believe that if you approach them for one-to-one professional help, they will not suggest that you sleep train your baby or toddler in order to help you. We strongly believe that their work is in line with our group ethos. They do, however, have their own focus, purpose and beliefs. If you feel that you are not being heard or your concerns are not sufficiently dealt with, then a second opinion is always advised.

Many of these healthcare providers offer individual support online or via Skype; please don’t rule them out because they are not local to you.

General infant and carer support

Tracy Cassels - Evolutionary Parenting

BA in cognitive science, MA in clinical psychology, and PHD in developmental psychology.

Can help families with almost any parenting issue and solves problems with an attachment-based focus. Offers sleep coaching specific to your family and infant/child’s needs.

Skype services & email services

Dr Howard Chilton, Neonatal paediatrician

Possums for Mothers and Babies

Charitable education and research centre offering evidence-based care for breastfeeding, unsettled babies and perinatal mood.

Brisbane based integrated GP clinic

Anne Cullen

Bachelor’s degree with a triple major in Sociology/Anthropology; Family Resources and Elementary Education, LLL counsellor, IBCLC, MAP coach.

Offers support and evidence-based information around caring for young children and how best to look after yourself as a mother

Ingrid Smith

Ingrid is a Certified Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional from the Newborn Mothers Collective

She offers Sleep and settling advice/support/education, Post partum care, Biologically normal infant behaviours education/support, Assistance with household chores etc (mother's helper)

In the home support with the inner north of Melbourne and email support for sleep services


Sleep and gentle parenting support 

Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Gentle parenting expert, wealth of resources online, can provide support for parents struggling with their child’s sleep and looking for gentle solutions

Brandie Hadfield - DREAM with Brandie Hadfield

Practice rooted in attachment theory, offers parent coaching as an alternative to sleep training, “The Dream Method for healthy family sleep”

Skype services & email services

Emma While - Courage and Chamomile

Emma While of Courage and Chamomile offers sleep support that focuses on respect: respect of the child, and of the parents. Emma believe's parents deserve respect, deserve to have all the facts at their fingertips so they can make INFORMED decisions about how they care for their little ones rather than just do whatever society expects of us. Emma teaches parents about the realities of infant sleep to help bridge that gaping void between expectations and the often very different reality and helps them formulate plans to get the rest their whole family needs going forward.

Emma is an Infant Sleep Educator, an Early Years teacher, an NLP & mindfulness coach, a positive psychology geek and a babywearing consultant and I bring ALL of this knowledge and experience with me into my work with mamas

Making Muma

Making Mama is a business run by two Mums. We provide workshops on a range of gentle parenting and creative topics. Sarah is a Registered Nurse, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Antenatal Educator, Forest Kindy Facilitator and PIPPS Parent Mentor. Karen is a Social Worker, Breastfeeding Counsellor (and ABA group leader, and PIPPS Parent Mentor. Our aim is to help build a supportive village for Mamas, both online and in person.

Offers Breast feeding support and education. Bottle feeding support and education (IBCLC or LC or Peer Counsellor), Counselling/debriefing/psychological services, Sleep and settling advice/support/education, Post partum care, Sleep hygiene education and support (for mother/partner), Biologically normal infant behaviours education/support, Workshops on various gentle parenting topics


Sarah: 0468424347



Be.loved's mission is to provide full-spectrum and full-service support to expecting, new, and growing families. As an expert in child development and a former doula, I provide families with the emotional, practical, and informational support they need at each stage of their child’s development. Uniting the head and the heart allows parents to be confident, prepared, effective, and awesome in all they do.

Amanda has  a PhD in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology from Boston College and a BA in Psychology from McGill University. She is a trained birth and postpartum doula and has experience with families prenatally through childhood. In addition, She has worked extensively with families of children with special needs.

Boston, MA, USA;




Roots And Wings Parent Coaching

Gail has a B.S. Child Development, UC Davis; Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She has been a Bradley Childbirth Educator for 39 years, was a La Leche League Leader for 11 years, and was an IBCLC for several years. She is a doula and postpartum doula, and as a military wife knows first hand the extra struggles faced by military families. 

Gail offers offers  Parent Coaching from Cradle to College and Guidance for Grandparents. With a life devoted to teaching, counselling and guiding new parents into their most important role as loving caregivers, she gently supports them during the transitions of parenthood. She specialises in Breast feeding support and education. Bottle feeding support and education (IBCLC or LC or Peer Counsellor), Counselling/debriefing/psychological services, Sleep and settling advice/support/education, Dietary education/support (for allergies/intolerances/reflux), Postpartum care, Sleep hygiene education and support (for mother/partner), Biologically normal infant behaviours education/support

Marina, Ca.; 831-601-3401;

Love To Sleep

Melanie is a Bebo Mia trained infant sleep educator and a TBSTP team member.

Melanie offers Sleep and settling advice/support/education, Sleep hygiene education and support (for mother/partner), Biologically normal infant behaviours education/support


Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Offering in person and Skype services, with a free initial consult.

Breastfeeding and general support

Georgina Dowden

IBCLC and registered midwife, can help with breastfeeding and provide sleep and setting support

Pinky McKay

IBCLC, breastfeeding expert, wealth of resources online and specializes in gentle parenting styles

Meg Nagle (The Milk Meg)

IBCLC in private practice, can help with breastfeeding, sleep and attachment parenting

Lois Wattis

IBCLC and registered midwife, specialising in babymoon home visits

Debbie Garbin

Offers support regarding lactation, general infant health and development

Barb Glare

Barb has over 20 years of experience working with breastfeeding families. Barb is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Barb's qualifications include: BA - University of Melbourne, Dip Ed - University of Melbourne, Diploma in Parent Education - Chisholm Institute, Cert IV Breastfeeding Education (Counselling) - Australian Breastfeeding Association, Cert IV Breastfeeding Education (Community) - Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Her special areas of expertise include: prenatal education and support, positioning and attachment breast and nipple problems, dealing with low milk supply or oversupply, sleep and settling, colic, reflux, allergies and and unsettled babies, low weight gain, strategies for returning to work or study, breastfeeding babies with special needs, weaning, helping your baby to sleep

Barb's services are aimed at assisting families with sleep and lactation.

The Doula Darcy

The Doula Darcy is a certified postpartum doula and lactation counselor who has helped hundreds of families (and their parents) get more sleep by teaching parents about normal infant sleep patterns, rhythms and tips for encouraging their babies to sleep more.

Darcy offers an online sleep class and one-on-one sleep consultations via video call.


Mental health support and counselling

Anne Thistleton

BEd; MREd; MCouns; Grad Dip. Nut Med (Mental Health); Cert EF & TTh; Cert SP & SW; SEP; CSP; CIME

Child, adult, parenting, family and relationships counselling service including sleep support.

Amanda Donnet of Spilt Milk Psychology

Psychologist, Clinical Registrar, BPsych, BSci(Maths), BSci(Psych) HonsI, MClinPsych, MAPS, Certificate IV Breastfeeding Education

Offers support to families experiencing depression, anxiety or adjustment difficulties during pregnancy and the post natal period, also offers support to those experiencing parenting difficulties such as sleep difficulties, bonding or attachment issues

Brooke Shelton

Brooke holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and bachelor of social work, a Grad Dip in infant mental health and a Masters of mental health.

She offers counselling/debriefing/psychological services, sleep and settling advice/support/education, postpartum care, specialist services for babies/children with special/additional needs, sleep hygiene education and support (for mother/partner), biologically normal infant behaviours education/support, training and education for other health care providers or businesses/employers

In person - Cooparoo (Brisbane) or online.

Brooke is registered for Medicare and Medicare rebates are available with a health care plan. Please call to discuss needs and make an appointment.

Facebook Page

Bebo Mia trained sleep educators

Elizabeth Foster, in Oxford Mills, Ontario (Canada) 613-219-7243

Tamara Salas-Tull, in Austin, Texas (America) 5126483710

Polly VandenBerg, in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) 416-882-7555

Amelia Rebolo, in Brampton, Ontario (Canada) 416-455-0658

Aidan Black-Allen, in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) 416-871-6835

Kate Sissons, in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) 647-865-4361

Breastfeeding-friendly DIETITIANS (Australia)

Helen Ussher (Bendigo, VIC) 

Frances Walker (Melbourne, VIC) 

Kirsty O’Hehir (WA) 

Viv Pither (QLD) 

Anna Millichamp (NSW) 


Dr Rosie Knowles at Carrying Matters

GP, Sling expert promoting use of slings and carriers to improve attachment and families’ well being.

Focusing Potential

Kate Milne is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

She provides Counselling/debriefing/psychological services, and Life Coaching.

Free initial consult

Located in Perth Western Australia




Can be found in the Albums of our Facebook Group. Please add any great providers you encounter.