How can my partner get our baby to sleep? She just wants mum and it’s stifling.

Here’s Why this happens:

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And how you can work through it gently.

You have to scaffold it. Start with having dad just there with you while you do bedtime.
Then after a good week or more of that, have him do part of the bedtime routine. Eg Nappy change and dressing them.

Stick with that for a few days then slowly increase Dad’s help. He does the bath or the book. But you’re still there too. You’re tag teaming.

Over at least a month increase to Dad starting cuddling/rocking/patting to sleep then swapping with you (and staying there) if you sing songs try singing them together. 

Then the next month you work on extending the amount of time dad cuddles to sleep.

Only once baby is happy and feels safe with dad doing the bedtime do you start ducking out for a couple of minutes at a time. Again slowly increase this time over a few weeks.

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