November 2018

At no point (during my stay at Sleep School) was there any discussion about what was developmentally and biologically normal for my son. 
There were no health checks for him to ensure there were no underlying concerns. 
There were no post natal health checks for me to ensure my mental health was ok.

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Nov 2018

The Labor party is obviously aware of the parenting challenges in the first year, where sleep deprivation is a big theme, and it’s positive that the government wants to help, but is more sleep schools really what tired mums and dads need?

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May 2018

They write to us every day telling us they are falling asleep with babies on couches for months because they think it is not safe to bring them into the bed. Lots are using pillows to prop up babies.

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July 2017

Strength, when it comes to parenting, is too often defined by society as existing only when a parent is ‘strong’ enough to withstand their urge to go to and comfort or help their baby or child. It’s as though there is a certain level of physical and mental ‘toughness’ in being able to conjure up the strength to ignore your inbuilt instincts and desire to nurture and this has become a character attribute that is not only highly desirable but also something we as parents must all strive for.

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