Gentle Parenting Resources

If you’re new to gentle or peaceful parenting, we’ve collected a big selection of resources, to help you find your feet.

For Dads



Top recommendation:

The complete works of Dr Daniel Seigel. Dan Seigel is a neuroscientist who has dedicated most of his career to parenting and children. If you have to choose just one, I’d probably go with The Whole Brain Child. Here’s a synopsis: “ If you want to understand why your young children behave the way they do, this book is for you. Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr Tina Bryson outline how our children’s brains develop and why a three year old simply doesn’t have the capacity to act like a mini adult. Parenting is still difficult, but appreciating our kids are doing the best they can with the tools they have, helps us empathize, support and encourage healthy brain development.Young children are right brain dominant, but what does that mean? As the authors explain the right brain’s emotions rule over the logical left brain, which doesn’t fully mature until the mid-twenties. Whole Brain Child outlines twelve strategies to integrate the left and right brain and explain why, during emotional upsets, some forms of communication work like magic and others are futile. Whole Brain Child makes neuroscience fascinating and accessible to parents, giving practical age-appropriate strategies to make day-to-day struggles easier” If you limit yourself to 2, make it The Whole Brain Child + No Drama Discipline.

Specialised Recommendation - Christian Families

The complete works of L. R. Knost. Her work is actually great for secular parents too, it’s just that she is Christian and has some books that approach parenting from this angle specifically.

Specialised Recommendation - Teens

The Teenage Brain - Dr Frances E Jensen Brainstorm - Dr Dan Seigel

General Recommendations:

  • Trauma Proofing your Kids - Peter Levine & Maggie Kline

  • The Conscious Parent - Shefali Tasbary

  • Positive Parenting - Rebecca Eanes

  • Connection Parenting - Pam Leo

  • Raising our children raising ourselves - Naomi Aldort

  • Raising Human Beings / The Explosive Child - Ross Greene

  • Raising Children Compassionately - Marshall Rosenberg (Non-violent communication)

  • How Children Succeed - Paul Tough

  • How To Raise An Adult - Julie Lythott-Haims

  • The Gift of Failure - Jessica Lahey

  • Love and Anger: the parental dilemma - Nancy Samalin

  • Everyday Blessings - Jon Kabat-Zinn, Myla Kabat-Zinn (focuses on mindfulness techniques for parents)

  • The Gentle Parent - L. R Knost

  • Parenting for a Peaceful World / Heart to Heart Parenting - Robin Grille

  • Siblings without Rivalry / How to talk so kids will listen, how to listen so kids will talk - Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish

  • Attached at the Heart - Barbra Nicholson & Lysa Parker

  • Respectful Parents Respectful Kids - Sura Hart & Victoria Hodson

  • Playful Parenting - Lawrence Cohen

  • Beyond Consequences Logic and Control - Heather Forbes & B. Bryan Post

  • Between Parent and Child - Dr Haim Ginott

  • Born for Love - Dr Bruce Perry

  • Positive Discipline - Jane Nelsen

  • Hold On To Your Kids - Gordon Neufeld & Gabor Mate

  • It’s OK NOT to share - Heather Shumaker

  • Unconditional Parenting / Punished by Rewards - Alfie Kohn

  • Kids: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Raise Young Children - Dr Small

  • Simplicity Parenting - Kim John Payne

  • Balanced and Barefoot - Angela J Hanscom

  • Just Babies- The origin of good and evil - Paul Bloom

  • Mindset - Carol Dweck

  • The 5 Love Languages of Children - Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

  • Dharma Parenting: Understanding your child’s brilliant brain - Robert Keith Wallace & Fredrick Travis

  • Toddler Tactics - Pinky McKay

  • The Gentle Discipline Book - Sarah Ockwell Smith