How do you know when your baby’s sleep isn’t normal? What should I look out for?

There are times when your baby or toddler wakes so much that you might find yourself thinking: “Is this even normal?” If you suspect it isn’t and that there may be an underlying medical issue such as food allergies and intolerance (and resulting symptoms) or you simply aren’t sure, here a few resources that could help you rule out (or determine) what those issues may be.

Does your child snore?; gasp?; have noisy breathing?; sleep with their mouth open and head tilted back?; scream/ cry as though in pain regularly at night?; find it extremely difficult to calm no matter what you try to soothe them regularly?; vomit large amounts, frequently, or foul smelling?; wake for long periods at night regularly (outside of the newborn stage)?; sweat despite the room temperature being cool?; seem lethargic by day but restless at night?; have low iron levels? ⠀

IF you recognise any of these signs or symptoms in your child, please consider seeking appropriate professional support. Issues like feeding difficulties, reflux, food intolerance(s), sleep apnea, low iron levels, sensory issues can all play havoc with sleep. This list is not exhaustive and there may well be other underlying factors at play. Trust your gut, seek support and keep advocating for your child until you feel you have found the right support. ⠀

We always recommend talking to a medical professional if you suspect any issues.

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